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Sliding telescopic ICU door

Telescopic sliding ICU door

ASSA ABLOY VersaMax 2.0 Standard telescopic sliding ICU door - maximum clear door opening

With its ability to maximize door opening space by 33%, the ASSA ABLOY VersaMax  2.0 Standard telescopic sliding ICU door system enhances your ability to transport patients and equipment. The equal leaf design provides a more expansive clear door opening, while an internal transmission eliminates noise with a smooth opening and closing.

Flush Bolt-Free breakout technology

ICU door trackless systems have historically required flush bolts to facilitate breakout for bed, equipment, and patient transport. This requires several steps and training of personnel for the use of the flush bolt. With the ASSA ABLOY VersaMax 2.0 ICU door patented flush bolt-free system, you simply slide the door to full open and conveniently swing the door to a breakout position.

InteGlass electric glass platform

Engineered for next-generation ICU/CCU environments, the ASSA ABLOY VersaMax 2.0 Standard telescopic sliding ICU door is available with our optional InteGlass feature. Designed for electronic glass panels, InteGlass is seamlessly integrated within the ASSA ABLOY VersaMax 2.0 ICU door and header using UL-listed components. This platform supports a variety of electro-static privacy glass systems, which provides higher levels of patient privacy, staff convenience, and infection control.

BIM Objects:

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Technical Description

ASSA ABLOY VersaMax 2.0 ICU/CCU Standard telescopic sliding door

  • Flush Bolt-Free patent-pending design for convenient breakout

  • InteGlass electric glass platform for electronic glass panels*

  • Touchless configurations available

  • Smoke rated package certified to UL1784

  • Anti-static option to provide electrical grounding

  • Available in 3 and 6-panel configurations

  • MicroShield™ antimicrobial coating available


*InteGlass option available for telescopic single slide configuration


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