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Innovative Hands-free Door-openers in Alberta

ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems provides innovative hands-free door-openers to clients across Alberta, Calgary and Edmonton. Our hands-free systems reduce surface contact and the need to touch the door handles making it a hygienic option for clients. Our options cover both no-touch and low-touch models, suited to your convenience and needs. Our innovative hands-free door-openers are designed using electromagnetic components and the finest quality materials. 

Upgrade your entrance systems with our hands-free door-opener solutions and enjoy the benefits of making your environment clean by reducing the need for surface contact. Call us and get yours installed today!

Why Choose Hands-free Door Systems?

The benefits of installing our hands-free systems:

No-touch solutions

Provides a system that drastically reduces the need for surface contact in high traffic entrances.

Upgrade your doors to hands-free

Now you can upgrade any swing doors to hands-free door-openers. With the addition of a low power door operator and a wave-to-open switch with an RF device or remote control, it is easy to upgrade your existing sliding doors to this more modern and convenient option.

Wave sensors and motion detectors

Using aperture wave sensors, motion detectors and wireless transmitters allows for hassle-free movement through areas without the need for touching any surfaces whatsoever.

Electromagnetic door holder

These allow you to keep your doors open during peak hours where there is high traffic, further minimizing contact points.

Electric lock retraction

Another important mechanism that allows free passage through areas without the need for touching any surfaces. These can be added to any door converting them to hands-free systems.

Low touch solutions

We also provide systems that require minimal contact for opening entrances. They are equally effective solutions and offer a reliable solution to conventional door handles.

Push with the hip, pull with the arm

The installation of a push/pull system and paddles allows for a hands-free experience on virtually any door.

True, Tried and Tested

Contact our specialists for durable and practical door entrance systems today.

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