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Transformative Automated Entrance Upgrades and Modernization in Alberta

If you have automatic door systems installed in your building that are ten or twenty years old, then a systems upgrade is a must to maintain the current standards of security and functionality. ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems can offer automated entrance upgrades and modernization in Calgary, Edmonton and across Alberta. We offer personalized solutions for our clients to help modernize any old automated entrance systems and increase operational efficiency, security while reducing energy losses. 

During our recommended inspections, technicians assess the state of the existing system and will make suggestions according to your needs and budget. With the help of new technology, high-performance components and unmatched experience in the field, we can optimize your automated entrance system to meet modern standards. Investing in a systems upgrade can be a great benefit for the overall productiveness and output of your commercial, industrial or institutional property. Help us bring your entrance systems up to modern standards and contact us for any services and upgrades you require.

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AAES BR Service

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Convenience and Comfort

You can be assured of high standards of service and quality automated entrance systems that provide unmatched convenience and comfort.

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