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Overhead concealed swing door operator

Overhead concealed automatic swing door operator

ASSA ABLOY SW200i overhead concealed swing door operator - beauty and durability

The ASSA ABLOY SW200i-OHC overhead concealed pedestrian swing door operator provides an aesthetically pleasing solution that is attractive yet incomparably strong. Featuring the same reliable performance with field adaptable adjustment to wind or stack pressure, the ASSA ABLOY SW200i-OHC concealed automatic door openers are available with or without an aluminum door package.

ASSA ABLOY SW200i-OHC overhead concealed doors are an ideal choice for any application that demands smooth operation with strength and rugged performance to accommodate varying conditions and high traffic flow. The heavy-duty electromechanical operator on these concealed automatic door openers is suitable for use on large heavy doors, yet adaptable enough to be used in low-energy applications.

Safety compliance

ASSA ABLOY SW200i-OHC overhead concealed doors comply with ANSI A156.10 and ANSI A156.19

BIM Objects:

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Technical Description


  • ANSI compliance: field selectable full pedestrian usage (ANSI A156.10) and low energy (ANSI A156.19)
  • Door weight: up to 700 lbs (315 kg) per operator
  • Manual push force: adjustable from 5 lbf – 15 lbf
  • Stack pressure compensation
  • Intelligent trajectory control
  • Extended Closing Torque (ECT)


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