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Manual revolving door

Manual revolving door with Smart Assist

ASSA ABLOY RD100 revolving door - moving beyond the manual door

The ASSA ABLOY RD100 revolving door provides a premiere option for customers with pedestrian traffic who want a compact, low-energy revolving door without compromising on quality. Equipped with features that benefit both users and business owners, it is an ideal choice for even pedestrian flow.

Smart Assist goes with your flow

For public or private offices with pedestrian traffic, you want your clients to come in relaxed and comfortable. The ASSA ABLOY RD100 revolving door does just that by giving its users more control with manual initiation through Smart Assist technology.

To start this door, all it needs is a gentle push. The revolving door adapts to the user’s initial push and operates at their speed, always stopping in the preferred position to welcome the next user and maintain a comfortable indoor climate. Braking capabilities, soft door leafs and intuitive Return-to-Home position increase sustainability and enhances safety for users.

BIM Objects:

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Technical Description

ASSA ABLOY RD100 revolving door

  • Available diameters: 7’, 8’

  • Three- or four-wing configuration available

  • Flat glass in the door leaves are 1/4” (6mm) clear tempered safety glass and the curved outer walls of the revolver are 7/16” (11mm) clear laminated safety glass

  • Smart Assist technology: minimum effort to push door

  • Revolving door leafs fold out in the direction of egress during an evacuation

  • Speed control unit prevents the doors from being rotated at a faster rate than allowed by building codes

  • Return-to-Home feature conveniently moves door leaves to the most energy-efficient starting point after each manual rotation

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